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About MJC

Just as the most important!

       MJC Kampot was founded by a French association called Home Cambodia (it has its equivalent in Phnom Penh the capital). It hosts more than 2,000 young people of all ages. It provides academic support, workshops, animation, games, debates ... In short it is a central point and a place of life for all young people.

      The animation of youth may seem trivial compared to the needs that seem perhaps more necessary in Cambodia, however, as explained Father Berger founded the association in a country where about 50% of the population is under of 15, education and empowerment of everyday life of these young people also seemed important that bringing food. More than bring them things, an exchange that we will have with all these young people.


        We invite all our friends to come to Kampot, where they are welcome. The house is easy to find and is out of town on the road to Kep, opposite the Cambodian-Vietnamese monument. The house is open Sunday but closed Monday.
        For  friends from France, they know that if they come to Kampot, outside the rainy season, we can also help them discover the environment : the pepper field and the sea in Kep, the waterfall of Teuk Chhouk or Bokor mountain.
Our  address is: MJC in Kampot, a Phoum Ousaphea, Sankat Kampong Kandal, Kampot Krong, Khet Kampot.


Contact Details 
 Phone: 033 636 1136
(from France: 33 636 855 1136)
Mobile: (Mao) 016 225 556
(from France: 855 ​​16225556)

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On 29 July 2011, the MJC, YAHRD and a French group of young volunteers met to share experiences and planting trees in the mangrove community activities Tropaing fishing Sangke

July 29, 2011, meeting between young people and the Youth Culture (MJC) Kampot and the Association for Human Resources Development (YAHRD) has allowed the sharing of experiences with a group of young French volunteers who were also present. 150 trees were planted in the mangrove Tropaing Sangke (fishing community) in the province of Kampot, Cambodia.

The goals of the meeting and the planting of mangrove are:
• To promote friendship, mutual understanding and sharing of experiences between members and youth volunteers YAHRD and those from France.
• Show รก biodiversity through the planting of trees in the mangroves of the Community fishing.
• Promote understanding of young people on community development activities
• Encourage young people to get involved in social development activities.