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 The history of MJC

After visiting France through exchange programs arranged by Accueil Cambodgien in France a group of us decided to get involved with recreational activities. Members of Accueil Cambodgien made visits to Cambodia as part of the exchange program. The exchanging program made us to see and understand about people living and the necessary in studying and the recreation of students in France, which is the good way to solve problems in the layer of youth to be better in society. Therefore in the reflecting we saw problems of youth in the schools in Cambodia that can be lacked of adding educated activities on their school subjects.

After discussing through thoroughly, the both parties commissions have initiated the ideas to constitute the association to be easy to contact with youth in abroad in developing on adding special activities on school subjects for youth, and agreed to establish programs offering recreational activities for young adults because it seemed that no local or international organization was addressing this issue yet and we thought that it was very important. The association is named Association de la Jeunesse pour l’Animation that means in English Youth Association for Animation, abbreviated AJA. The address is at House Nº 99, 608 Street, Sangkat Boeung Kak II, Khan Tuol Kok, Phnom penh. Phone number is 023-881-363, E-mail address is . AJA has been authorized to start progress by the Ministry of Interior dated  on February 13, 1998, numbered 138 SCHN.

Through its experiences in Phnom Penh and to fill the needs of youth to be in validity both in city and provinces, AJA and Accueil Cambodgien in France have sought the financial resources to build a center in Kampot province very hard, and now the building is already finished and official inaugurated, so that AJA has a branch in Kampot town, is named Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture, abbreviated MJC. MJC is the place to educate , to instruct, and to exchange the experiences of youth. MJC is the service for all kinds of people in progressing by adding special activities on their school subjects and give them a chance to examine in order about the duty of citizen, participation in social works, democracy, and responsibility decision. MJC is supported by  many people, by local organizations and foreign organizations. MJC’s address is 6 National Street, 1 Usa Phea Village, Kg. Kandal Commune, Kg. Bay District, Kampot Province (next to the provincial department). Telephone: 033-932-363 and E-mail: .

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On 29 July 2011, the MJC, YAHRD and a French group of young volunteers met to share experiences and planting trees in the mangrove community activities Tropaing fishing Sangke

July 29, 2011, meeting between young people and the Youth Culture (MJC) Kampot and the Association for Human Resources Development (YAHRD) has allowed the sharing of experiences with a group of young French volunteers who were also present. 150 trees were planted in the mangrove Tropaing Sangke (fishing community) in the province of Kampot, Cambodia.

The goals of the meeting and the planting of mangrove are:
• To promote friendship, mutual understanding and sharing of experiences between members and youth volunteers YAHRD and those from France.
• Show á biodiversity through the planting of trees in the mangroves of the Community fishing.
• Promote understanding of young people on community development activities
• Encourage young people to get involved in social development activities.